2020 KTM SX-E5 First Look Full

2020 KTM SX-E5 First Look

KTM recently launched a new electric bike geared for young kids with an emphasis on adjustability to grow with the rider. The 2020 SX-E5 is said to generally fit kids from ages 5 to about 11 with its ergonomically adjustable components such as forks, handlebar heights and seat height.

This 89 pound electric dirt bike with six power modes (parents can lock in the power setting so junior can’t adjust it on the fly) is just the ticket to get kids enthusiastically off their handheld electronic devices and into the world of two-wheel travel. You couldn’t wipe the smiles off the kids’ faces with this non-intimidating, low maintenance, relatively powerful machine. The 907Ah lithium-ion battery requires a charge time of 45 minutes for 80% charge or 70 minutes for a full charge. And will give your kid(s) more than two hours of casual riding or as little as 25 minutes on an all-out race. The motor and batteries are sealed from the environment to keep out the dust, sand, dirt, water and whatever else might gunk up the power system.

KTM SX E5 Jump

The WP XACT air forks and shock are highly adjustable to tune the ride to the rider. The rear wheel travel is a respectable 185mm. If or when the bike tips over, there is a roll over sensor to cut power. To charge the bike, you will need a 110- or 230-volt socket to plug into.

As far as maintenance, there’s a set of bearings that are suggested to be swapped out every 40 hours. Speaking to one of the engineers at the launch event, this is preventative maintenance that can easily be done at home with no special tools required.

The front wheel is a 60/100 x 12-inch and the rear a 2.75 x 10-inch. The bike comes with knobby Maxxis tires.

As far as warranty, KTM gives you two years for the battery and motor, and 30 days for the rest of the bike.


Electric Motor: 48 V – BLDC Motor with Outer Rotor

Rated Output: 2 kW / 3,200 RPM

Max Power: 5kW / 3,750 RPM

Torque: 13.8 Nm from 0 RPM

Max Motor Speed: 6,000 RPM  

Final Drive: 8:46

Cooling: Air Cooled

Battery: Lithium-Ion KTM

Capacity: 907 Wh

Charging Time 100%: 70 minutes at 25 A

Charging Time 80%: 45 minutes at 25 A

Charging Rate: Quick Charging 5 A 230 V~

Charging Power: 900 W

Frame: Double Grinded Central Double-Cradle-Type Frame

Subframe: Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic

Handlebar: Tapered Aluminum Ø 28/22/18 mm

Front Suspension: WP XACT 35 USD Ø 35mm

Rear Suspension: WP XACT PDS Monoshock

Suspension Travel Front/Rear: 205 mm / 8.07 in; 185 mm / 7.28 in

Front/Rear Brakes: Disc Brake 160 mm / 160 mm

Front/Rear Rims: 1.50 x 12” / 1.60 x 10” Aluminum  

Front/Rear Tires: 60/100 x 12” / 2.75 x 10”

Chain: 1/2 x 3/16 in

Steering Head Angle: 24º

Triple Clamp Offset: 22 mm

Wheelbase: 1,032 mm ± 10 mm / 40.6 ± 0.4 in

Ground Clearance: 252 mm / 9.92 in

Seat Height: 684 mm / 26.9 in

Weight, Approx: 40.5 kg/ 89.3 lbs

MSRP: $5,049



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