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Hi Everyone,
We have three "big-deal" topics to tell you about:

1. Our new 2020 calendar that'll help orphaned kids in Nepal
2. An extraordinary trip to the roof of the world - with you!
3. The release of our new movie

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The Kids and the 2020 Calendar

Josephine and I travelled to India and Nepal this summer. In India we re-connected with friends and laid the foundation for a guided motorcycle tour that we are offering next year.

In Nepal we visited the kids at the CYF orphanage. Remember, the ones I met in 2009, starring in the doc "Somewhere Else Tomorrow"? Pretty much exactly ten years later I show up at their doorstep again! The orphanage is home to 82 kids now. Haushala, their "mother" is still dedicated to their wellbeing and passionate about their eduction. Out of the 25 kids that I met in 2009, four are still there.

Apparently you and I made a big impact! The donation that so many of the Open-Explorers blog-readers made back in 2009 was on of the first that they received. This gave them tremendous hope. And now they are in a much better place.

Joey and I are motivated to make another contribution. We came up with the idea of creating a beautiful calendar together with some of the older kids. The calendar is now available for sale and 100% of the profit will go directly to the kids! Check out this video to see what our reunion was like and to get yourself a beautiful calendar if you would like one.

An Extraordinary Trip to the Roof of the World

Last year I announced that I'll be a motorcycle tour guide for the summer. The tour didn't happen because we were a little late to promote it and didn't attracted enough participants. But next year (2020) we will definitely go and ride in the Himalayas together! The trip is guaranteed to go ahead, regardless of how many participants will book it. Joey and I were testing out the waters last month, re-connecting with our friends and helpers in India. We'd be thrilled to have you as a guest in August next year. We made this video which will make every motorcyclist's heart beat faster (and every non-motorcyclist's heart too).

Our New Movie

After the release of the first edit (Extended Cut for all Indiegogo supporters) at the end of July, we received countless emails. The feedback was very positive and humbling. Many said that they would have loved to see even more, despite the extreme length of 2,5 hours. I think this is a good sign.

Right now I'm fine-tuning the film, taking the feedback into account and shortening the film to an easily digestible length. I'm designing DVD and Bluray covers, talking to printers and production companies, so that you'll receive your copy soon. And as soon as I have a list of cinemas that'll show the film, I'll let you know.

Let me know if you have questions in regards to the calendar, the Himalaya tour or the film. I'd be happy to hear from you. All the best, I'll be in touch soon.

Daniel and Joey.


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SRC Moto Aux Fuel Can for Himalayan

SRC MOTO, Innovations for Adventure is introducing an add-on heavy duty fuel can and bracket system for the Royal Enfield Himalayan. While the generous 4-gallon tank on the Royal Enfield Himalayan provides a range of about 250 miles, with the SRC Auxiliary Fuel Can kit, you can add up to another 100-mile range!

The SRC Auxiliary Fuel Can bolts on using existing mounting points on the Himalayan upper front cargo racks. Unlike other mounts on the market that only mount at the top and are prone to stress cracking from repeated flexing, the rugged SRC kits include 2 mm thick powder-coated steel brackets featuring lower and upper support points to provide years of safe and secure service.

The kit comes fully assembled and ready to install. There is also a heavy-duty EPDM foam seating surface applied to prevent vibration and improve the functionality of the retention system. Two kits can be installed, one on each side of the bike for 6 liters (1.6 gallons) of extra fuel. The fuel cans are 10" tall, 8" wide and 5" deep. A flexible spout is stored under the main cap.

The full kit includes:

  • 1 Himalayan specific bracket, available for the left or the right side
  • 1- 3L (.8 gal) gas can with integrated spout and quick release mount

PHOTOS BELOW: Mounted fuel kit for the Royal Enfield Himalayan - $88.00 USD/Per side

SRCMoto Aux Fuel Can kit

PHOTOS BELOW: Standalone brackets are also available - $48.00 USD/Per side

SRCMoto Aux Fuel Can Bracket

Scott Hart, President of SRC MOTO added: “The Himalayan has become popular with long-distance and round-the-world riders; we saw the opportunity to add additional fuel storage to help further extend the range. We also heard the same need from other Himalayan riders and decided to develop our own kit to help with this.”

These parts and many others are now available online at www.srcmoto.com and a formal Dealer Program is available for dealers located throughout the US, Canada, and Latin America.


SRC MOTO, Innovations for Adventure, is focused on bringing you the best possible parts for the adventure motorcycles that you love. SRC MOTO is a new brand recently launched by MOTO STUFF, focusing specifically on accessories for adventure & dual-sport motorcycles. As the exclusive Americas retailer and distributor of SRC Sriracha DesignsSRC MOTO provides innovative, lightweight and high-value aftermarket products for adventure motorcycles such as the Royal Enfield HimalayanHonda CRF 250L & RallyBMW G 310 GS & RSuzuki V-StromTriumph Tiger, etc.


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ScorpionEXO StealthPack Abrams Jackets

ScorpionEXO just launched 2 new innovative riding gear: StealthPack Jacket and Abrams Riding Shirt

SteakthPack Jacket

The StealthPack Jacket by ScorpionEXO is clean, streamline styling with a surprising little secret, a hidden 20 liter backpack (patent pending) so subtly integrated into the chassis you wouldn’t even know it was there. Ideal for your daily commute, week-end errands, or a long destination ride. It’s fully adjustable and ergonomically designed to distribute weight evenly across your torso. The backpack’s mesh sidewalls also double as the industries largest heat exhaust vents, providing superior ventilation when working in unison with the adjustable front intake vents. Say goodbye to your lopsided, shoulder straining backpack and say hello to the undeniable convenience of the ScorpionEXO StealthPack.

Additional ride-friendly features include; a resistant 600D polyester chassis, Level 1 form adaptive Sas-Tec “Flex” armor, multiple utility pockets, 270° NightViz reflective, and comes with a 1 year warranty.

ScorpionEXO StealthPack Jacket

Available in; Black, Grey and Sand.

Sizes; SM thru 5XL.4 & 5XL (black only).

Starting at: $199.95

Abrams Riding Shirt

More than just another riding shirt, ScorpionEXO’s Abrams finds the sweet spot between lightweight comfort and abrasion resistance and it’s all thanks to the combination of an internal Rhino-Mesh® lining that provides up to 5X the abrasion resistance of typical riding shirts while there integrated 600D reinforcements provide an additional 10X abrasion resistance at the shoulders and elbows. Adjustable under-arm vent intakes pull cool outside air in while the integrated Rhino-Mesh® lining facilitates internal air circulation. Comfort and mobility are further enhanced by an integrated action-back panel plus bicep and forearm adjusters.

Other ride-specific detailing includes; built-in pockets for optional Level 1 form adaptive Sas-Tec “Flex” armor at the shoulders and elbows, streamline back protector pocket, 5 external utility pockets including a conceal carry pocket, and includes a 1 year warranty.

ScorpionEXO Abrams Riding Shirt

Available in Black and Grey.

Sizes; SM thru 5XL.4 & 5XL (black only).

MSRP $129.95


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Dunlop Introduces the High-Tech Trailmax Mission Adventure Tire

Today, manufacturers have bolstered their adventure and scrambler lineups with more offerings than ever. The high-performance of modern large displacement adventure bikes rivals that of sport bikes, yet they are also capable of offering impressive performance in the dirt—an amazing breadth of abilities that results in an unprecedented challenge to tire designers.

With the proliferation of new ADV bikes, it was time for Dunlop to reinvent the 50/50 tire. Enter the all-new Trailmax® Mission.

Dunlop Trailmax Mission Tire 02

“This is a very difficult segment to tackle because of the wide variety of uses and fitments, but I believe customers will be surprised that the Mission delivers such a high level of grip no matter the surface and will also exceed their mileage expectations,” said Mike Buckley, Senior VP, Sales and Marketing.

Re-Inventing the 50/50 Tire

Engineers and researchers attended consumer shows, rallies and various events for years gathering data, and more than ten rider surveys were conducted among a vast audience.

The result of the research showed Dunlop that the existing offerings in the 50/50 tire category presented riders with the ultimate compromise. You can have “this,” but you will give up “that.”

Dunlop Trailmax Mission Tire 14

The Falken Connection

For the first time in its history, Dunlop tapped into newly available resources. Dunlop Motorcycle Tires’ re-acquisition by Sumitomo in 2015 gave the design team access to the engineers at Falken tires. Falken, a Sumitomo brand, has had tremendous success with the Wildpeak A/T3W, an off-road oriented light truck tire that puts a premium on ruggedness without sacrificing street performance. The Dunlop team was ultimately able to incorporate several Wildpeak elements into the all-new Mission.

Dunlop Trailmax Mission Tire 19


Two years in development, the Mission delivers knobby-like performance off-road, has impressive grip on the street, plus great ride quality and stability everywhere it goes.

One of the primary goals was durability. Several months were spent piling on the miles—on the street, at the Huntsville Proving Grounds in wet and dry conditions, on gravel roads, trails, tire-shredding rocky terrain, and every condition Dunlop test riders could find. Dunlop also utilized a high-speed testing oval in Texas to put the Mission through durability torture.

The result: Consumers can expect to get double the miles of some of the competitive rear tires, and more than that from the front. The production version of the Mission rear tire delivered 8,000 miles in testing.*

Dunlop Trailmax Mission Tire 04

A Mash-Up of Dunlop’s Best Street and Dirt Technology

Combining the best of Dunlop’s dirt and street tire technology, the Mission is one of the most versatile tires Dunlop has ever made.

One of the things that make the Mission unique is that Dunlop did not create a one-design-fits-all tire. Different bikes impose different demands on tires, so Dunlop engineers tuned popular fitments of front and rear tires for a diverse application of ADV bikes so that the tires consistently achieved Dunlop’s objective of performance and longevity. These differences apply to both the tread pattern and construction.

Dunlop incorporated Staggered Step technology in both the front and rear tires. These steps give the side knobs more rigidity and lug stability to prevent flex, and create more biting edges so as the tread wears, the next biting edge “steps up” to grab hold of the substrate. In the rear, there are three different sizes and shapes of lateral blocks depending on tire fitment, a direct result of extensive testing.

Dunlop Trailmax Mission Tire 08

Common Tread Elements

Front and rear tire patterns have more in common than differences. One visual distinction for both front and rear is the prominent wrap-around side lug inspired by the Falken Wildpeak. These lugs have several advantages; they add rigidity and durability in rocky terrain; allow lower pressures to be run off-road with less risk of pinch-flatting; they help provide steering stability in sand, mud and gravel surfaces; and they have an uncanny ability to allow riders to steer out of ruts off-road, even on the really big and heavy ADV bikes. Additionally, the sidewall rubber is thicker to add higher durability and puncture resistance.

Both front and rear tires feature a distinctly higher land/sea ratio with about 60 percent land for greater street performance compared to the dirt-oriented D606 at 30 percent land ratio. Increased tread depth over the Trailsmart adds to Mission’s superior off-road performance. These comparisons illustrate how different the Mission is compared to other Dunlop adventure and off-road tires.

Dunlop Trailmax Mission Tire 10


To meet the performance and mileage goals, bias construction was used, with the line featuring a mix of bias and bias-belted tires as needs dictated. Bias construction is generally better for off-road since tread and sidewall elements are designed as one component. Engineers used heavy-duty ply material such as nylon, polyester and/or fiberglass belts that are similar to those used in tough touring tires such as the American Elite® and Elite® 4. The result is a tire with excellent off-road performance that delivers the desired stability at higher speeds.

Dunlop Trailmax Mission Tire 13

Designed and Manufactured In Buffalo

The Dunlop tire factory in Buffalo, New York enjoys a long track record of building everything from high-performance racing tires to premium touring tires. The Mission is the first off-road capable tire designed and manufactured in Buffalo. The Mission tires incorporate a tread depth twice as deep as any other motorcycle tire made in Buffalo before, a huge manufacturing challenge.

Mission Accomplished

Dunlop tested many competitor tires and while there are a lot of good products on the market, no one tire can do all the things Mission does, as well as it does, on such a variety of machines. With the Mission, Dunlop stayed focused on delivering a higher level of performance, mileage and durability over a wider range of conditions and terrain than any other tire. Today’s ADV bikes, Scramblers and Crossovers make enormous demands on tires, and deserve nothing less than Dunlop’s best technology. The Mission delivers.

Dunlop Trailmax Mission Tire 22

Expanding Dunlop's Adventure Tire Lineup

Within the Adventure/Scrambler/Dual-Sport/realm, Dunlop has targeted specific DOT applications, meeting a wide variety of riding needs with a broad selection of tires from the Dakar-ready D908RR™ to the heavily dirt-oriented D606™, the new Geomax® EN91,the road-oriented Trailsmart and Roadsmart III®, and now the Mission, landing right in the middle, designed to cover it all.

Available in a wider size range than any of Dunlop’s ADV tires, the Mission fills a void in the line for ADV bikes, Scramblers and Crossovers that are ridden aggressively off-road.

MSRP will range from $131.21 to $285.23

Available sizes:
Phase 1 (Shipping 11/01/19):
Size Load/Speed
Front 90/90-21 54T
110/80-19 59T
120/70B19 60T
Rear 150/70B17 69T
170/60B17 72T
140/80B18 70T
150/70B18 70T

Phase 2 (Shipping 12/01/19):
Size Load/Speed
Rear 130/80B17 65T
120/90-18 65T
140/80B17 69T

Phase 3 (Shipping 01/01/20):
Size Load/Speed
Front 100/90-19 57T
Rear 120/90-17 64T
130/90-18 69T


About Dunlop Motorcycle Tires
Dunlop is the largest supplier of original equipment and replacement motorcycle tires in the U.S.A. For more information on the new Mission, visit www.DunlopMotorcycleTires.com.

*Test conducted by independent contracted riders on a 250-mile mountain loop. Tire sizes 110/80B19 front and 150/70B17 rear, on 2017 Suzuki V-Strom 1000.

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HertzRide USA

Hertz Ride Rentals in US with REV'IT! and NEXX Gear Partners

Pablo Espinosa was invited to HertzRide.eu last fall to experience the newly launched rental and touring service. Hertz Ride’s business model has been working so well in the EU that they’ve brought it to the U.S. He recently reunited with the folks from Hertzride.eu in Las Vegas, NV where they launched their U.S. base of operations. 

(Click HERE to read Pablo's report on HertzRide.eu ride)

Hertz Ride USA begins in what were identified as the two most important tourism destinations on the West Coast: Las Vegas, Nevada and greater Los Angeles (Riverside), California. And, as Pablo writes this, they’re in negotiations for opening more rental/tour locations in Long Beach, CA, Chicago and San Francisco. What’s nice is that all but one location are located in BMW dealerships for your convenience.

HertzRideUS Bikes

Hertz Ride rents out new or nearly new (less than 12 months old) BMW motorcycles and also offer multi-day tours with the same bikes. There are currently six models to choose from: F750GS, R1250GS, R1250RT, R Nine T Scrambler, K1600B, and the K1600GA. Included in the rental fee are a luggage system, unlimited miles, and heated grips (select models only).

If you don’t want to lug your own riding gear, each Hertz Ride location will feature REV’IT! riding apparel and NEXX helmets available for rent to make your travel as seamless as possible, while still providing a high level of protection. Any products the traveler wishes to purchase at the end of the trip can be drop shipped directly to his or her home address. The addition of REV’IT! gear and NEXX helmets at every Hertz Ride USA location will be both a service to the consumer, and an opportunity to continue educating the end user on the benefits of quality protective motorcycle apparel and gear. Cardo Intercom Systems and phone brackets are also available for rent.

HertzRideUS RevIt Jackets

Tours range from 8 to 19 days, included are preselected local cuisine for breakfast and dinner as well as thoughtfully chosen motorcycle-friendly hotels along the majestic American byways of your route. (You cover your own lunch and fuel.) Typically, you ride anywhere between 3 to 6 hours a day led by a professional motorcycle tour guide with knowledge of the local sites. And there’s a support vehicle for optional luggage transportation.

HertzRideUS Rides

Hugo Ramos, Hertzride’s Country Manager tells me that the tour leader always wears a Cardo comm unit, thus you can bring your own comm system or rent one to be in touch with the tour leader and perhaps other tour participants.

For more info, check out Hertzride.com

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